We would like you to concentrate on the features of the image that make it unusual, i.e. not like the majority of retinal images.

Normally, retinas have

The right eye and left eye look like mirror images of each other.

If you see these four features and no other features select 'Healthy' and click the 'Annotation Finished' button.

Some images may have extra features, these could be red dots or blotches, yellow or black marks or a combination. If you see any of these features select the feature you see ('Yellow/Black Spots', 'Haemorrhage', or 'Both'), and then use your mouse to drag rectangles around the lesions. Press 'Annotation Finished' when you are done.

In practice mode, clicking 'Annotation Finished' will bring up the 'ground truth' expert annotations, so that you can compare your work with the expert. In annotation mode, you will simply get the next image to work on

Have a go yourself! Look at the examples below to further learn about the retina and retinal lesions.

When you are ready, head over to the practice area to try for yourself!